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Spring Cleaning Tips

By March 16, 2017Uncategorized
spring cleaning

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping! We both know what that means – it’s time to clean. Some people think that switching to daylight savings is the true indicator of winter coming to an end, but we would respectfully disagree. Nothing ushers in beautiful spring better than beautifying your home. There’s no better way to celebrate spring than with spring cleaning. Let’s talk about some spring cleaning tips.

All winter we’ve been cooped up in our homes. We’ve hunkered down and watched our favorite Netflix shows. But now it’s time for a spiritual rebirth.

Here are our 5 favorite spring cleaning tips:

Start with your doormats

spring cleaning

There’s something special about your doormat. It symbolizes new beginnings and introduces your home to visitors. They’re also your front-line defense against tracked-in dirt. So, shake ‘em, wash ‘em, swat ‘em with a broom, and start your spring cleaning off right.

Clean Carpet and Upholstery

spring cleaning

I know, this is probably the part about spring cleaning you’re dreading the most. This isn’t fact checked, but probably 40% (ish) of the cleanable surfaces of your house are carpet or upholstery. So, when we get this part done, we’ll be almost half way done! Fabrics absorb an entire winter’s worth of dirt, so consider shampooing your carpets and upholstery with a rented machine. Practice in a small space before moving on to the whole house. Make sure to open the windows when you’ve finished to speed up the drying process!

Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards, and woodwork

spring cleaning

This is especially true for those of us with white walls. Dirty walls and cabinets are something you can get used to and never clean, but let’s not allow that to happen. Use a dishwashing detergent combined with a sponge to wash the surfaces of every section. Continually ring out the sponge to avoid excess moisture, and wipe down with a clean cloth.

Vacuum with Wisdom

spring cleaning

Read this step before you start flipping over every piece of furniture in your home. For some reason, people tend to think that you need to clear an entire room for a vacuuming session. Well, that may work for some people, but it’s really more time consuming than necessary. Instead, move your furniture slightly to the left or right. Vacuum the area, and then move the furniture back into place. This will save you time, and keep down that back pain that seems to flare up during spring cleaning.

Make A Plan

spring cleaning

As with any worthwhile endeavor, you should make a plan and cross off the boxes. In this list we recommended places to focus on, but obviously there’s more to it than that. Here’s a great checklist from the Magnolia Market. Feel free to print it out, and let it act as a guide to make sure your home is ready to embrace the spring.



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